our services

Music Production

Whatever your style, Azura Sound can record, edit, mix and master your project to a professional standard. We get heavily involved in every project that is brought through our doors. We care about making you sound good because our reputation is at stake as well as yours. We typically quote a price per song or per album as opposed to charging per hour or per day. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a query.

Voice Over

If you need to record a voice over for Film, Radio, TV or Podcasts we can help. In the past we have recorded voice overs for radio, cartoons and documentaries. We have a selection of legendary microphones available as well as vocal effects, outboard compression, EQ, de essing, limiters etc. We have an extensive list of additional plugins in our industry standard editing suite. We also have a database of talented voice over artists available. If you are interested in joining this database get in touch.

Audio for Film and Video

Our resident composers can score and record music for Film, TV and Radio shows. Azura Sound has a vast sound library which means a multitude of styles and instruments can be created in house without hiring expensive session musicians. We do also have access to a vast network of professional musicians if your budget is bigger however. For more information or a quote on a project please email info@azurasound.com

Vocal Tuning

We are experts in all facets of vocal editing - timing, tuning and aligning. We use a combination of industry standard plugins such as Celemony Melodyne, Antares Autotune, Waves Tune, Vocalign and DAW slip editing to make vocals with flawless perfection. If you are a naturally good singer we will bring out the best in your natural voice without making you sound like a robot. If you are a bad singer, you'd be suprised how good we can make you sound. If you want to sound like a robot, we can do that too of course!